Sizzling Summer Sunday School

Wednesday 1st June, 2016
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This post was inspired by a blog post by my friend, Bob Mayfield, entitled Summer Plans for Your Group. Check it out. There Bob suggested six great actions for your group this summer:
  • Plan a great summer fellowship.
  • Do not cancel any group meetings because "most of the group will be gone on Sunday."
  • Utilize your associate teacher.
  • Stay in touch with your group members.
  • Do some type of group outreach.
  • Continue the ministry of your group.

What can you do this summer to (1) grow your disciples, (2) increase your group care, and (3) mobilize your group in service and outreach?  Gather your group planning team now. Pray and strategize about each of the three parts of the question. Determine goals, plans, and dates. Communicate your plans. Enlist planning teams. Have fun while growing at the same time!

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