Sunday School: Growing One Disciple, Part 1

Tuesday 5th January, 2010

Many times when Sunday School and discipleship are included in the same sentence someone will quickly object that Sunday School cannot do it all. And while I agree, there is much more that can be contributed toward discipleship through Sunday School when expectations and intention for discipleship are added. The other issue that must be recognized is that Sunday School is more than one hour on Sunday morning. The ministry of Sunday School and its potential impact on discipleship is 24/7.

But I also believe part of the reason that discussion about this subject is quickly dismissed by many is that group discipleship has not been as effective in recent days. Mass production of disciples appears to have less impact upon individuals than one-on-one and one-on-two or three methods. Thus, some assess Sunday School's impact upon discipleship upon the basis of the Sunday morning group experience alone--deeming it to be large group/mass production and ineffective.

But for the sake of recognizing the potential impact of the discipleship tool of the Sunday School, let's focus on what Sunday School can do to impact one disciple. What can Sunday School do to take a brand new, baby Christian to help them to become an obedient, Christ-following disciple and disciplemaker? Let's call the person Ken or Kendra. Don't talk in generalities, be specific. Don't limit your thinking to what Sunday School can do on Sunday morning, but include that experience in your responses as well. What can the teacher and members of that youth or adult class (or an off campus small group) do to impact Ken or Kendra in such a way that he/she becomes the person Christ desires?

Don't feel you have to give all the answer to respond, but leave your thought or thoughts below. Press Comments and get the conversation going. In a couple of days, I will add my thoughts and respond to your Comments. Disciple at least one person this year. Be revolutionary!

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