Sunday School, IMAGINE, and the Gospel Project

Tuesday 31st January, 2012

Over the years on The Sunday School Revolutionary, I have focused on general and adult Sunday School. Revolutionary general Sunday School, however, also is interested in youth, children, and preschool Sunday School. When there are problems in younger age groups, it impacts the whole. When growth slows or stops for some reason in younger age groups, it tends to slow or stop total growth. Pursuing the Great Commission (Matthew 28:28-20) demands that we invest well in younger ages because of the foundations and impact on spiritual progress.

With that in mind, I want to point out a valuable event and a valuable resource. First, let me focus on the event. IMAGINE is a conference designed to raise the vision, leadership, and impact of preschool and children's ministry. IMAGINE will be at Parkway Baptist Church, 2380 Springfield Rd, Bardstown, KY on Friday-Saturday, February 10-11, 2012. The cost is $25 per person through February 6 and $35 thereafter. You can register yourself and your group at A list of hotels can also be found there along with details of the 28 breakout sessions from which to choose.

One of the many reasons to attend IMAGINE is that you will have opportunity to discover the newest curriculum line from LifeWay. The Gospel Project examines the whole of Scripture and reveals how Jesus is present in every story, theological concept, and missional truth. With components for adults, students, and kids, the entire church will discover what it really means to be a part of God's gospel project. 

The Gospel Project features a three-year study plan with 13-week units, each designed with the appropriate voice, depth, and course of study for each age group. Resources are available in multiple formats, including print, downloadable, and e-reader and app formats. The Gospel Project is designed so that individual age groups, entire churches, small groups, and even Christian schools can use it for in-depth, Christ-centered Bible study.

Invest in great preschool, children's, and youth Sunday School. Offer great curriculum in order to lead God's people to study the Word. Make disciples. Be revolutionary! For more about younger ages, check out these blog posts:

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