Sunday School: Overcoming Monday Morning Blues

Monday 4th January, 2010

Nothing seemed to go right yesterday before, during, and after Sunday School. Despite the best of intentions, you arrived late. You spilled coffee on your clothes. You left something you needed at home. When you arrived, you seemed to be moving and listening in slow motion while everything around you swirled in high speed. Three people reminded you about things you forgot to get done this week. There were angry words during Sunday School. Something you said hurt someone's feelings. And after Sunday School, two people resigned without warning. What a day!

So it's the Monday morning after, and you are ready to give up. You are frustrated, tired, and discouraged. You have the Monday morning blues.

Consider this action plan before making any rash decisions:

PRAY. Center yourself in God, His will, and His leadership for your life. Praise Him. Thank Him for all His blessings and the opportunity for salvation and service. Seek His forgiveness. Ask for His help. Ask for solutions to needs, concerns, and problems.

REFLECT. Spend a few minutes review this past week or month of Sunday School. What has gone well? Pause to give God thanks. How could things go better next time? What adjustments need to be made? What plans need to be carried out? Don't dwell on the negative of the past. Instead, focus on what can be done to address issues and to avoid similar issues in the future.

GET HELP. Invest in others. Ask for others to give you a hand. Ask others to pray. Assign tasks. Remember to check up on progress. Don't allow workload to overwhelm. The more you get others involved, the greater will be ownership and energy for accomplishing the work.

Whether you are a pastor, Sunday School director, or teacher, give this year of Sunday School to God. Give Him your best effort. And get others involved. Avoid the Monday morning blues. Pray. Reflect. Get help. Be revolutionary.

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