Sunday School Revolutionary: Eight Years in Review

Tuesday 27th May, 2014

When I began this blog in the spring of 2006, I never dreamed it would meet the needs of so many pastors, staff, Sunday School directors, teachers, and small group leaders. The truth be told, I had not thought about blogging. Then Brenda Smith offered an informational training event about blogging, and she encouraged several of us to consider launching a blog.

I have always enjoyed writing. When I served churches, I wrote many newsletter articles. When I worked on my Doctor of Education degree (2000-2003), an outlet for writing was provided. In fact, I have the dubious distinction of having the longest EdD dissertation in the history of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Even the title should have been a clue: An Analysis of the Impact of Learning Environment Factors on Retention and Attrition in Adult Sunday School Classes.

I remember going to Brenda after a few months and several blog posts to find out if there was a way to see if anyone was reading what had been written. Since the blog is not intended to be controversial, I was not getting many comments. When she told me the blog had gotten a few hundred hits, I was hooked. What was written was getting read. Since the launch of The Sunday School Revolutionary, over 1,140 posts have been written. The blog has had over 787,000 hits (pageviews) during that time.

This year marks eight years. When I began my anniversary review of the blog, I noticed that 91 blog posts had received over 1,000 hits (pageviews). Wow! The top post has also generated the most comments. Unique Names for Sunday School and for Sunday School Classes has had 68,123 hits and 95 comments. In my quick overview of those 91 posts, I noticed they fell in four broad categories: Sunday School growth, teaching, job/duties, and miscellaneous. Here are those posts categorized in that way (along with the hits):



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