Sunday School Teaching for Results

Monday 3rd October, 2016
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Teacher, why are you teaching Sunday School? Which of the following describe your situation? Circle as many as apply:
  • I was asked to fill a vacancy.
  • There was a need.
  • I drew the short straw in our class when the previous teacher left.
  • I had a passion for the group or age group.
  • I knew the people in the class.
  • I was praying about how I might serve.
  • I hoped it would help me grow more.
  • I volunteered.
  • God called me.

"Why" we teach often informs "how" we teach. What are you trying to accomplish? Which of these describes your agenda? Circle as many as apply:
  • It's all about a great Sunday morning experience.
  • I want the class to enjoy the lesson.
  • I want to get everyone involved.
  • I want the class to learn about God and the Bible.
  • I want class members to become more like Jesus.
  • I want everyone to become more obedient.
  • I want to grow as a disciple.
  • I work to prepare and mobilize members to change the world.

Purpose and agenda impact method. A show simply demands teacher performance. But life change demands prayerful preparation and the movement of the Holy Spirit in your life and the lives of class members. What results are you expecting? What results is God expecting? Make disciples. Be revolutionary!

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