Sunday School That Really Works

Wednesday 6th October, 2010

Many today are asking if Sunday School is outdated. Some are experiencing decline in attendance. Others had bad experiences in Sunday School in the past. Still others prefer the new rather than what has been around for years. Some believe other models and strategies work better. Most of those wondering about giving up on Sunday School gave up leading the Sunday School long ago.

While there are many contributors toward instances of Sunday School that no longer is effective, it can be a vibrant, disciple-producing strategy. My friend, Steve Parr who serves as the vice president for Sunday School and Evangelism for the Georgia Baptist Convention, has written a great book, Sunday School That Really Works: A Strategy for Connecting Congregations and Communities.

Here are Steve's chapter titles:

  1. Does Sunday School Still Work?
  2. The Foundation for a Sunday School That Works
  3. The Measure of a Sunday School That Works
  4. WORKS: Wants to Grow
  5. WORKS: Organizes to Grow
  6. WORKS: Reaches out to the Lost and Unchurched
  7. WORKS: Keeps All of the Members Connected
  8. WORKS: Sharpens Skills of Leaders Continually

While the book is not focused on teaching, it is focused on organizing your Sunday School strategy to reach, keep, and make disciples through Sunday School. Many of those doubting Sunday School today have poorly organized Sunday School strategy or no strategy at all. Steve includes relevant illustrations and lots of practical ideas. Read more about the book on Facebook. Pick up a copy of Steve's book (or several for your Sunday School team), and let him challenge you to make Sunday School work! Be revolutionary!

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