Sunday School Director Job Description, Part 2

Thursday 21st June, 2012

This spring, I led a conference for planning teams focused on growing the Sunday School. During the training time, one of the Sunday School directors told me she had been enlisted to deliver curriculum and pick up attendance records. She thanked me for helping her to understand the full scope of her work. (I was afraid I was overwhelming her!)

In this two-part series, I began in Part 1 by looking at the relationships and broad scope of the work of the Sunday School director. In Part 2, I will focus on major duties or areas of responsibility. I will not be covering the many Sunday morning duties. For a look at those, check out What Does a Revolutionary Sunday School Director Do on Sunday Morning?.

Part 2 will be more focused upon the director's leadership toward Sunday School growth and effectiveness. Consider these areas of responsibility:

This list is not intended to be comprehensive, but it has many essential leadership actions for the Sunday School director. What would you add to the list? Where do you personally find the greatest challenge of those items on the list? Where do you need to invest more time and energy in the coming months? On which of the items will you commit to improve this year? Give our Lord and His body your best efforts! Make disciples. Lead in Sunday School growth. Be revolutionary!

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