Sunday School Evaluation and Conversation

Wednesday 22nd July, 2015
Sometimes a simple picture, image, or graphic can create helpful conversation. The graphic below has that potential. Gather your class leadership team together. Gather your Sunday School team together. Gather your church disciple-making team together. Consider the graphic and the questions that follow (as starters):
Image:Sunday School Evaluation and Conversation
  • Teacher, how could you use this with your class leaders to focus on disciple-making improvement for your class?
  • Sunday School director/Pastor, how could you use this with your teachers or planning team to improve disciple-making?
  • How could you improve reaching, teaching, and disciple-making along with leader training and mobilization through your Sunday School?
  • What part of this disciple-making process is missing in your class/Sunday School/church?
  • What step are already in place to lead people from one essential part to the next? What steps are missing? (ideally 3 or fewer steps between each part)
  • What steps are in place (or missing) to utilize ministry, service, and mission to lead people into worship/Sunday School/small groups so they can be discipled?

Press comments below to add your thoughts and questions. Share this with your leaders, and let me know how it goes. Make disciples. Be revolutionary!

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