Sunday School Growth Barriers

Monday 21st January, 2013

My friend, Wayne Poling of LifeWay Christian Resources in Nashville, has invited me to teach a conference at Ridgecrest Conference Center during Extreme Sunday School Week, July 19-22. The conference is entitled Identifying and Moving Through Sunday School Growth Barriers. It will be offered on Saturday, 2:30 PM.

It is a great title and one that is worthy of an hour of time for every pastor, minister of education, and Sunday School director. This is true not because I am teaching but because every Sunday School will face growth barriers. You will experience moments where growth will slow or stop. If you can see them before they happen, you can prevent many. If you can respond as they approach, you can divert disaster or prevent the loss of all momentum.

I am writing to ask you to help me put together this conference. Here are the big questions:
1.        What potential barriers can occur causing Sunday School growth to slow or stall? (Have you had any experiences you'd be willing to share?)
2.        What can be done to see growth barriers coming and prevent growth slowing or stalling? (What system or process helped you?)
3.        Faced with each barrier, what can be done to minimize its impact? (How did you do so?)

I have a few ideas out of my personal experience as a minister of education and as a consultant. But many "counselors" can add much wisdom and experience to the discussion and preparation. Please press Comments below and share your thoughts and experiences. Help me plan a better conference. Help me help Sunday School leaders anticipate, prepare for, and move better through coming growth barriers.

Grow your Sunday School deeper, closer, and wider as Ed Goodman of White Stone Quarry Baptist Church in Bowling Green has challenged his teachers and Sunday School workers in 2013. Make disciples. Be revolutionary! For additional thoughts about barriers, check out these blog posts:

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