Sunday School Leaders: Join Me in Praying for MORE

Wednesday 21st August, 2013

I believe in prayer. God desires communion and communication. Not only do I believe in prayer, I also believe in BIG prayers. Ask for the desires of your heart. Ask out of passion for Him and His work. Ask for God-sized results!

Now answer me honestly. When was the last time you prayed for God-sized results for your Sunday School? When was the last time you set aside time and gathered a group together to pray for Sunday School?

Many Sunday Schools, classes, groups, and leaders are on life support. They are barely holding on. They exist without pursuit of purpose. They gather out of habit. They are surviving rather than thriving. They are being managed rather than led. But if something does not change, and soon, the end is in sight.

Prayer is THE significant first step toward revitalization of the Sunday School, group, or leader. In addition, prayer is essential for the vital Sunday School, group, or leader.

With that in mind, I want to invite you to join me in praying for MORE:

  • Pray for MORE of God's presence, leadership, and compassion,
  • Pray for MORE of His blessings and help,
  • Pray for MORE eyes on the whiteness of the harvest field,
  • Pray for MORE workers to be sent into the harvest,
  • Pray for MORE teachers, apprentices, care leaders, outreach leaders, and others to care for MORE people,
  • Pray for MORE life-changing impact of lesson taught and learned,
  • Pray for MORE time spent in prayer and Bible study,
  • Pray for MORE relationships to be built with our community: friends, relatives, associates, and neighbors,
  • Pray for MORE invitations to Sunday School, worship, and Jesus,
  • Pray for MORE children, teens, and adults to accept Jesus as Savior and Lord,
  • Pray for MORE disciples to grow in the likeness of Jesus,
  • Pray for MORE classes to be started to care for MORE people,
  • Pray for MORE relationships and for MORE class ministry needs to be met, and
  • Pray for MORE community and world impact.
If we pray for MORE leaders to start MORE groups to care for MORE people, I believe we will see much of the rest of the prayer list happen.

Will you join me in praying for MORE?

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