Sunday School Class Arrangement

Monday 19th September, 2016
Image:Sunday School Class Arrangement

My question is simple:
Is your classroom arranged to facilitate fellowship, learning, and an encounter with God in His Word?

My response is simple:
Do your best to make it that way.

But there are many complicating factors. Some of them include the following:
  • square footage,
  • attendance,
  • shape of the room,
  • how many times the room is used (that day and other days),
  • equipment and furnishing provided,
  • budget and ability to make changes,
  • and many more.

But allow me to provide some general suggestions which often help to facilitate fellowship, learning, and an encounter. Consider the following:
  • ARRANGEMENT. Circles encourage participation and can often accommodate nearly as many as rows.
  • FOCUS. Point the class toward the opposite side of the room than the door so latecomers interrupt the teacher more than the members.
  • TABLES. If possible, remove all tables. Tables reduce number of attenders in the space and reduce creativity and room arrangement.
  • CHAIRS. Folding or stackable are preferred. They should be comfortable and the right size for younger learners. The space should only have chairs for expected attendance plus a couple, but more chairs should be readily accessible.
  • VISUAL. Provide wall space for posters, projection, and writing. Change it frequently.
  • SHARING.  When multiple groups share the space, storage and wall space must also be shared. Groups sharing the space must discuss and agree about cleaning and set up.
  • SAFETY. The room, furnishings, and equipment should be reviewed regularly to ensure safety by all users.
  • LIGHTING. Rooms should be well-lit without depending on sunshine and should not have to deal with direct sunshine, heat, or glare.
  • INVITING. Is the space warm and inviting rather than sterile? Add pictures and fake plants but keep them dusted.
  • ACCESSIBLE. Can the space be accessed by wheelchair?

What would you add to this list? Make space for people. Make disciples. Be revolutionary!

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