Sunday School Growth = Enroll Plus Care, Part 1

Monday 4th December, 2017
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There are many factors to Sunday School attendance increase, but two critical ones are enrolling new people and caring for those who are enrolled. When enrollment decreases, attendance almost inevitably decreases. When caring contact, fellowship, and ministry decreases, attendance follows.

So what can be done to increase enrollment and care? In Part 1, I will focus on actions which can result in enrolling new people. In Part 2, I will focus on actions which can result in caring connections.

ENROLLING NEW PEOPLE. What can a class do to enroll new people? Enlist an outreach leader who will lead the class in the following actions:
  • pray that your class will invite and enroll people in your people group;
  • set a God-sized goal for enrolling new people, remind the class of the goal, and regularly report on progress toward the goal;
  • make a prospect list by asking class members for the names of people in their people group (friends, relatives, associates, neighbors); update the list at least quarterly;
  • make caring contacts (visit, phone, mail, and electronic) weekly with those on the prospect list; report results of contacts every week;
  • plan fellowships/projects every six weeks and ask members to invite prospects;
  • welcome, introduce, register, and thank guests who attend class; don't embarrass them;
  • follow up with every guest within 72 hours thanking them for visiting, asking if they have questions, inviting them to a fellowship/project, and asking for prayer requests and praying together; and
  • ask guests and prospects if they would like to the added to the party, prayer, and care list for the class (enroll them if they say yes).

Enrolling new people and then ignoring them guarantees interest and connection will be lost. Caring for those enrolled is essential or enrollment and attendance will decline. Part 2 will address the essential actions of care that must accompany enrollment. Enroll. Care. Make disciples. Be revolutionary!

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