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Thursday 16th September, 2010
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The number of great church and Sunday School online resources has had a significant increase in the last few years. These websites and blogs have been much needed. They make Sunday School help available continually wherever there is an internet connection. I want to take this blog post to share a few of the many resources available.

These including Sunday School blogs like this one, The Sunday School Revolutionary. Other general Sunday School blogs include the following:

In addition to these blogs and state convention websites, there are many good general Sunday School websites. Some of those include the following: And there are many great children's Sunday School blogs and websites. In fact, there may be more of these than any other kind. The Sunday School Revolutionary has recently been ranked number nineteen in a post entitled, The Top 100 Children's Ministry Blogs. In addition to, check out the many blogs listed there. Here are the top ten listed there: When you find information that would be helpful for your teachers and workers, share it. Forward the link to your teachers. Some leaders tell me they make copies of my blog posts and share it with their teachers. Training of teachers and workers has a positive impact on their leadership and on reaching and discipling efforts. One or two blog posts each week may be easier for some of your leaders than reading a couple of chapters of a book each month. You can also be selective in what you share addressing it to specific needs you have observed.

If you have discovered other helpful Sunday School blogs and/or websites, please press Comments below and share it with readers. Don't settle for mediocre Sunday School. Be revolutionary.

For more ideas about revolutionary Sunday School, check out these blog posts:

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