Sunday School: Take the Love Dare

Thursday 8th January, 2009

The church I attend has started a six-week marriage emphasis. As a part of the emphasis, couples have been encouraged to use the book, The Love Dare, featured in the movie, Fireproof. The book is a 40-day journal. Each day's material has (1) a devotional about marriage, (2) a challenge for us perform a daily "love dare" or simple act of love for each other, and (3) space for us to journal about our experience.

A couple of days ago on Day Two, we were to do something kind for each other that was unexpected. She left me a loving note on my backpack which made me smile. I knew it was to be a long day for my wife. She is a school teacher and coach for two cheer teams. Both her teams had games that night. It would be past 9:00 PM before she would finish. So at 11:30 AM, I got in my van, ran to McDonalds, got my lunch to go, drove to Kroger and picked up some flowers, drove to McAlister's and picked up unsweet tea with extra lemon, and took them both to Yvonne at school. And I was back at the office by 12:30.

After work, I went home to two dogs and a quiet house. I did a little computer work and before I knew it, it was almost 9:00. I began thinking about the dishes in the kitchen, so I got up and emptied the dishwasher and cleared out the sink. It was the usual time for Yvonne to feed one the dogs, so I took care of it. While feeding the dog, I saw the door open to the laundry room and noticed towels folded on the washer. I decided to put them away, but before I did I glanced in the washer and found our son's clothes, so I put them in the dryer and started it. Then I took the towels upstairs.

Shortly afterwards, she came home and told me how beautiful the flowers looked on her desk. Then she noticed the sink, and thanked me for that. Then she started heading toward bed and said she needed to feed the dog, and I told her I had already taken care of it. She smiled again. She kissed me good night and headed to bed. The next day she e-mailed me to tell me thanks for putting up the towels. She apologized for being too tired to walk back down the steps that night. I responded by telling her I didn't do it for the thanks but because I love her.

Now why do I tell you this story? It is not for a pat on the back. Instead, it is to put a "revolutionary" bug in your ear about Sunday School. What if we were to give our youth and adults a Sunday School "love dare?" What if we put together a four-week devotional journal and emphasis that challenged them to (1) pray for by name, (2) contact and care for prospects, (3) have a meal with them, and (4) invite them to Sunday School. What if this was done with absentees? What if this was done with church members not enrolled in Sunday School?

This could lead up to a high attendance day in Sunday School or maybe just in one class. Check out these posts for more information: Preparation for High Attendance Day in Sunday School, Benefits of High Attendance Sunday, Simple Steps for a Successful Sunday School High Attendance Day, Summer Sunday School Spectacular, and March Madness Sunday School Contest. It could be a semi-annual or quarterly emphasis just to keep our members thinking about others who need Jesus and need the loving environment of a Sunday School class.

What other creative ways are you helping your Sunday School members stay challenged to invite people to Sunday School? Press the Comments button below and share your experiences. For more blog posts on inviting, check out Sunday School Inviting Worship Attenders, Pulpit Sunday School Promotion, Christmas Invitation to Sunday School, and Invitation to Sunday School. Love God. Love your spouse. Love one another. Love friends, relatives, associates, and neighbors. Love your world. Invite them to Sunday School. Enroll them. Care for them. Be revolutionary!

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