Sunday School: The Church Body at Work

Monday 8th August, 2016
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After thanking them for their support of the Cooperative Program, I opened my time with 44 Sunday School leaders at Red House Baptist Church in Richmond by talking about the human body. I shared scripture from 1 Corinthians 12 and talked about the importance of each of the body's systems. Which one can we live without: circulatory, pulmonary, digestive, nervous, etc.? The obvious answer is we need them all.

The same is true in the church body and the Sunday School. We need every part. We need every age group to function well: preschool, children, student, and adult. We need every class to function well: reaching, caring, and teaching them to obey. We need every part of Sunday School to function well: members, teachers/class leaders, and pastor/staff.

Too many Sunday Schools fail because one or more part is not working. Sometimes the members expect the teacher or pastor to do all the work. When that happens in a body, the body dies. When part of the body stops working well, the body gets sick. That's what happens if members, teacher, or pastors are not involved in carrying out the work of the Sunday School. All are needed for health and growth.

At Red House, I shared the following to challenge everyone to carry out their part. I hope it will challenge you.

  • Ask them to pray for Sunday School.
  • Ask them to invite.
  • Ask them to be faithful.
  • Ask them to care for each others.
  • Ask them to read the Bible daily.

  • Will you pray for Sunday School?
  • Will you lead encounters with God in His Word?
  • Will you set an example?
  • Will you enlist a team?
  • Will you lead the class to reach and care? (pursue the top 10 absentees and top 10 prospects)

  • Will you lead prayer for Sunday School?
  • Will you support and promote Sunday School (talk about your group)?
  • Will you share your vision and will you plan with the Sunday School planning team?
  • Will you lead Sunday School to be on mission in the community and world?
  • Will you pray for, enlist, and train leaders and start new classes?

If everyone does their part, it is not overwhelming for anyone. The work is fun and effective. Reaching, caring, and teaching are more effective. The church body and Sunday School will be healthy and growing. Expect everyone to work together. Make disciples. Be revolutionary!

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