The Christmas Sunday School Lesson

Sunday 12th December, 2010

Every Sunday is a great day to encounter God in His Word. (Honestly, every day is a great day to do so!) Sunday is a great day to teach and a great day to learn. Every time we open God's Word, we encounter a God who loved us enough to send Jesus to be born in a humble way. He sent Jesus to be called Immanuel which means God with us (Matthew 1:23).

Every lesson, every week should point to Jesus. Every lesson, every week should sing His praise, tell of His purpose, and call us to tell others about Him. In other words, every lesson should be a Christmas lesson. No, I don't mean every lesson necessarily should focus on the events of Jesus' birth. I simply mean that every lesson should point to Him. Every lesson should prepare us to do the same (point to Jesus) between lessons with our friends, relatives, associates, and neighbors.

But there is also something special about December. It is so much more than shopping, decorations, Christmas music, and gifts. It is anticipation of the celebration of Jesus' birthday. It is an "excuse" (as if we need one) to retell the story of His birth. It is an opportunity to be reminded of how far God went to express His great love for us. It is a reminder that all scripture is the story of God's love and his preparation for Jesus to come in the fullness of time.

So this Christmas season, remember to celebrate Jesus' birth. Do so whether the lesson is Old Testament or New. Do so whether the lesson is about Jesus or not. Do so whether the lesson is about His birth or not. Point to Jesus. Celebrate his Advent, his coming. Celebrate his connection with our world. Celebrate his connection with us.

Make every lesson special. Extend an invitation for absentees and prospects to join you. Close every lesson with an invitation to accept Jesus as Savior and Lord. Celebrate. Praise. Encounter Him in Bible study. Make disciples. Be revolutionary!

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