The Front Door of the Sunday School

Saturday 4th December, 2010

What is the front door of your Sunday School? Is is the door from your parking lot? Or your greeters? Is your front door those people in your hallways who stop and speak to guests? Or is the classroom your front door? Or class greeters?

Let's back up. Could your front door not even be at the church? Could your front door be your people out in the community? Could they be your members scattered at the grocery, school, office, and car dealership who are connecting with friends, relatives, associates, and neighbors? Could your front door be your people living for Jesus and being the church?

What are some front door issues for Sunday School? Consider some of the following questions:

  • Are your people living like Jesus?
  • Are they living differently than the world and pointing to Jesus?
  • Are they intentionally connecting with unchurched people?
  • Are they serving others and meeting needs?
  • Are they inviting people to church and Sunday School?
  • Are they sharing testimonies about how meaningful their classes are?
  • Are they greeting people in the parking lot and hallways?
  • Are they listening to each other and to guests?
  • Are they willing to use name tags in order to get to know guests by name?
  • Are they willing to get into smaller groups of 3-6 within the class in order to give everyone a chance to participate?
  • Do they help guests move from Sunday School to restrooms, to get their children, and to worship?
  • Do they care about and follow up with guests?

There are many more questions that could be asked. What would you add to this list? How can you lead your class to pay attention to these issues? How can you lead your people to shift thinking and practice to give appropriate attention to these first impression issues? Press Comments below and share. Be revolutionary!

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