Top Ten Sunday School Revolutionary Posts of 2017

Friday 22nd December, 2017
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It is wise to review investment of your time, energy, and resources. The annual sum total of time and energy required to contribute weekly Sunday School Revolutionary posts continues to be a great investment. People all over Kentucky, the United States, and the world are able to access Sunday School help at a time that is convenient for them. The blog is very searchable both on the blog and on search engines so that pastors, Sunday School directors, and teachers are able to find the help they need.

Here are the top ten posts for 2017:

Review these. Read or share them. I do want to warn you that the long-awaited update for the Sunday School Revolutionary is almost here. That will mean that some of the link in my posts will not functioning correctly. Be patient and check back. I will be working on updating the links and pictures in January.

When I reviewed the top ten posts, there are some things I learned:
  1. names are important for both new and existing classes,
  2. improvement is important to Sunday School teachers and leaders,
  3. growth is a goal of many Sunday School leaders,
  4. teachers and teaching matter, and
  5. many Sunday School leaders are revolutionaries, desiring to give God our best.

Keep reading and improving what you do. He and they deserve it. Make disciples. Be revolutionary!

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