Top 10 Sunday School Revolutionary Blog Posts

Monday 14th January, 2013

When we end a year, it is always helpful to review and reflect. This is true for us as persons, Christians, church leaders, Sunday School classes, and Sunday School as a whole.

This is also true for blogs and blog writers. I began The Sunday School Revolutionary! nearly seven years ago. The blog hits (pageviews) continue to climb. The comments and questions help me to realize that this resources is continuing to provide encouragement, challenge, and help.

As I reviewed this past year, I decided to take a look at the posts which received the highest number of hits (pageviews) for the year. Here are the titles/links along with a sentence about each. I hope this review helps you discover a post you missed or remind you of one you need to share this year:
1.        Unique Names for Sunday School and for Sunday School Classes (17,167 hits) This blog post and the many comments share lots of ideas for naming your new Sunday School class.
2.        Free Training Materials for Sunday School Teachers (10,248 hits) LifeWay has changed their website, and these links are all currently incorrect. Check back in a couple of weeks for an updated blog post!
3.        Plan Your Sunday School Teacher Appreciation Day (4,476 hits) Consider these five ideas for honoring and recognizing your Sunday School teachers and workers this year.
4.        Improve Sunday School Through Evaluation (3,960 hits) Evaluate Sunday School, the class, the teacher, and the pastor/director to improve Sunday School this year.
5.        Top Ten Actions to Increase Sunday School Attendance (2,696 hits) Act now to grow your Sunday School this year by praying, starting new classes, contacting, inviting, and more.
6.        Promotional Tools for Sunday School: Don’t Keep It to Yourself! (2,547 hits)
7.        Grow Your Sunday School: Set Goals This Year (1,785 hits) This is more than writing goals down and throwing a dart at them; pray, evaluate, divide goals, and measure progress.
8.        Three Simple Strategies to Increase Sunday School Attendance, Part 1 (1,696 hits) This post looks at the front door, back door, and living room of the Sunday School. Address each one of grow!
9.        Revolutionary Sunday School Invitations (Postcards) (1,679 hits) Get ideas and sources for postcards to use as invitations for Sunday School.
10.        Twelve Months of Sunday School Teacher Training (1,639 hits) Check out these dozen ideas for training your teachers during planning meetings throughout the year.

I pray that God has blessed you and you have already reviewed the year and given Him the praise and thanks He deserves. If not, why not stop now and do so! And don't forget to ask Him to bless and use your Sunday School this year to change lives, your community, and the world. Make disciples. Be revolutionary!

For more ideas about growing your Sunday School this year, check out these blog posts:

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