Updated: Free Training Materials for Sunday School Teachers

Tuesday 3rd April, 2012
Training to give God and His Body our best effort is essential. I could spend days and lots of blog posts highlighting great materials you can purchase and conferences you can attend. But we live in a great day of technology. Much information is available to us for free. Some of it is very helpful and comes with a variety of tools for putting it to effective use.

Here are several free LifeWay Christian Resources training resources (books, PowerPoint presentations, handouts, and teaching plans) for each of the following resources. Rather than print the books, I would recommend purchase since the cost of paper and ink to print them will likely exceed the US cost of $1.00 to $1.50 for the books plus shipping.

LifeWay also provides a set of supplemental current event/illustrations and teaching plans for Bible Studies for Life and for Explore the Bible. You can find those free materials at www.lifeway.com/extra. This list could go on and on. I want to include one more resource that those using LifeWay's literature, Bible Studies for Life, may find helpful. It is a set of support materials developed by Dr. Steve Armstrong who is a professor at LaTourneau University and a senior adult teacher at Mobberly Baptist Church in Longview, Texas.

For more training ideas to go with those training materials, check out these blog posts:

My friend, Josh Hunt, has many great free articles and some great books (for sale) along with great questions to go along with LifeWay lessons. You can find Josh's website at www.joshhunt.com.

Need to provide teacher training? Don't have much money? Now you don't have an excuse. You can train your teachers with these high-quality, free materials and ideas for months and years to come. Start planning now. Raise your expectations. Increase your training. Release workers into the harvest. Give God your best. Make disciples. Be revolutionary!

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