What Is Your Preferred Routine for Sunday School Lesson Preparation?

Friday 1st May, 2009

In many ways, I hate the word, "routine," in the title. I dislike getting in a rut. You can ask my wife. I like variety. But some routines are helpful for us. Having a bedtime routine that includes brushing our teeth can be a good routine. Establishing a regular routine for taking medicine, studying for school, and so many more daily and weekly tasks can be helpful for us.

Routines (or habits) can be helpful in the spiritual and ministry realms as well. But there must always remain flexibility and sensibility for the intervention of God. For instance, when it comes to preparing a Sunday School lesson, you may have a regular pattern of preparation steps, but no lesson should ever be routine for a Sunday School teacher. That's because each lesson is a fresh opportunity to encounter God in His Word. It is a fresh opportunity to experience the landscape of His intervention in human history in biblical days and its impact upon us personally as teachers. And all that comes prior to making the lesson plan for leading class attenders to do the same when you get together!

In the title, I used the word, "preferred," because I know some weeks are crazy and change and flexibility are required. Using the word, "routine," in the most positive sense to refer to that regular pattern of preparation steps, I would like to hear your response to the title question:

What is your preferred routine for Sunday School lesson preparation?

What do you do first? When do you start? How much prayer is involved? What Bible study tools (commentaries, Bible dictionary, concordance, etc.) do you use? Where do you get your questions? Do you use icebreakers? Where do you get your ideas for how (methods) to teach the Bible truths? How much do you study/prepare during the week? Do you spread it out over several days or do it more on one or two days? Do you us a template (check out Sunday School Lesson Planning Tips)?

Would you share your answers to those questions? Please press Comments below and share your responses to one or all of those questions. You will encourage other teachers all over the world! Pray. Seek God in His Word. Prepare well. Give God your best. Guide attenders to meet Him. Be revolutionary!

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