When Sunday School Is Done Right, Part 1

Tuesday 31st March, 2009

I read an interesting article entitled Saving Sunday School by Peter Beck. Beck is assistant professor of religion at Charleston Southern University where he teaches history and theology. In the article, Beck talks about his love for Sunday School and then states the following:

Apparently a lot of folks must hate Sunday School. They have to. They’re trying to kill it. They’re killing it with their apathy. They’re killing it with their absence. They’re killing it, sometimes, with their good intentions. Sunday School is dying at the hands of those who should it love it the most.

At that point, Beck offers four advantages of a strong Sunday School ministry. In Part 1, I will share the first two of his four advantages in all capitals followed by my commentary:

Beck concludes his article with the following words of encouragement:

So, let’s not throw out Sunday School. Let’s promote it. Let’s not kill Sunday School. Let’s grow it. Let’s recruit teachers who can teach. Let’s enable members to minister to each other. Let’s focus on the Word of God and let God speak to us. Let’s save Sunday School while we can. Let’s see our churches grow from the inside out.

Great words of encouragement! What can you do to help your Sunday School or class to become a place of community, service, spiritual accountability, and biblical teaching? What step can you take this week to strengthen one of these advantages? Take steps to grow Sunday School. Be revolutionary!

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