Who Is Leading Disciple-making in Your Sunday School Class?

Monday 12th December, 2011

Who is helping your class focus on making disciples? This is far more than teaching a lesson. This is far more than teaching and learning. Disciple-making is a process of becoming more like Christ. It is a process of obeying and practicing Jesus' commands. It is a journey of working out our salvation daily. It is denying self, taking up the cross, and following Jesus.

How does this happen? How can your class encourage this to take place? This effort will benefit from a person who leads this to happen in the class. I want to challenge classes to enlist a Discipling Leader. What might a Sunday School class Discipling Leader do? I want you to realize this is a fresh thought for me, but here are some early reflections on my part:

  • lead attenders to practice a daily quiet time, including prayer and Bible study;
  • give them spiritual growth experiences through exposure to spiritual disciplines;
  • enlist accountability partners or triads within the class;
  • spend part of class time in smaller groups, such as accountability partners/triads, small group discussion, etc.;
  • invest a portion of class time on leading class members to exercise (practice what they are learning about God's will and Word);
  • challenge attenders weekly to focus on a way to live out the Bible truth learned on Sunday and call for reports at the beginning of the next week;
  • study Christian living and discipleship issues further when appropriate and needed between Sundays;
  • ask every member where they are serving in the church and community to serve our Lord, the body, and the community;
  • and more.
What would you add to this beginning job description? What would you suggest that a class Discipling Leader do? How can we help attenders in our classes take steps of becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ? Add your thoughts by pressing Comments below. Ask questions and start a conversation. Let's help focus on this issue. Let's grow our people. Let's grow our classes and churches. Let's impact our world for Jesus! Make disciples. Be revolutionary!

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