Why Enlarge the Sunday School Organization?

Tuesday 3rd February, 2015

Some today have concerns that the church focuses too much on itself. And it is true that the church too often has spent time with each other, spent money on itself, and ignored the world that so desperately needs our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Pastors and church leaders must monitor that tendency and lead the charge beyond the walls. Yes, we should gather for worship, discipleship, and encouragement, but we should also move beyond the church walls and care for others in the name of Jesus.

Sunday School can help. Sunday School can help by training disciples to live Christ-like lives. Sunday School can help by mobilizing believers in pursuit of their class-assigned people group. Sunday School can help by leading members to share their salvation and Sunday School testimonies. Sunday School can help by planning fellowships and projects that invite and involve friends and people from the community. Sunday School can help by caring for one another and ensuring that no one fizzles out or drops out.

Simply stated, one sheep pen can only hold so many sheep. One shepherd can only care for so many sheep. One shepherd can only pursue a limited number of lost sheep. Why not expand classes and caregivers so more sheep can be pursued, cared for, discipled, and mobilized into Kingdom service?

If Sunday School done well and right can help the church, then more of it can help even more. Here is a sample of what I mean:

  • more classes can reach and care for more people;
  • more classes can enlist, train, and mobilize more leaders;
  • more leaders trained and serving can be better prepared to serve in the church beyond Sunday School and in the community in other organizations;
  • more leaders can provide more teaching, reaching, and care;
  • more invitations and care provided to prospects leads to more opportunity for sharing Jesus and lives changed;
  • more lives changed impact the community through lower crime rates and community satisfaction;
  • and much, much more!
Why enlarge the Sunday School organization? Because Sunday School is a tool that can help the church carry out the Great Commission to "make disciples of all nations." If you don't enlarge the organization, how can you care for more people? How can you further your impact on your community and world? Don't be selfish with the investment in you by the Lord? Share it! Enlarge the Sunday School. Make disciples. Be revolutionary!

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