You Are Writing a Sunday School Memoir

Friday 11th February, 2011

My Team Leader, Alan Witham, led a devotional in Chapel on Wednesday that caused me to pause and reflect. He shared about a contest to sum up your life in six words, to write a six-word memoir describing your life. According to, a memoir is "a biography or historical account, especially one based on personal knowledge." What would you write?

The experience led me to wonder about our Sunday Schools. What would Sunday School teachers, directors, and pastors write? What would classes write? What would Sunday School as a whole write? Again, I really want to challenge you to pause to write. Make every one of your six words meaningful. Don't go over. Use six words, no more and no less.

When you look back on your Sunday School leadership, what have you written in your memoir thus far? What will you write about your experience and impact over the next five and ten years? At the end of life, what will your memoir say? What might others say about your leadership?

The future has not yet been written. You can decide. You can choose your actions. You can choose to practice revolutionary Sunday School rather than accepting mediocrity. You can lead rather than coast. You can be bold rather than avoid conflict. You can be compassionate rather than rude.

Apprentice regularly. Enlist God-called leaders. Develop them. Provide training. Raise expectations. Create ownership. Organize to grow. Lead them to care for each other and their community.

Most important, follow God's leadership rather than your own. Spend time with Him every day. You will regret none of those moments in your memoir. Soak in His presence. Marinate in the Word. Pray. Listen. Reflect. Commit. Obey. Lead others to Him. Make disciples. Be revolutionary!

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