Your Invitation to the Growing Ministries Tour 2011

Wednesday 12th January, 2011

Are you seeking positive improvement in the overall health of your church?

Desiring to grow strategic ministries in your church?

Leaders and members in the areas of stewardship, discipleship, assimilation, Sunday School, youth ministry and preschool/children’s ministry are invited to come together to be challenged and better equipped for sharpening the effectiveness of these key ministries.

For details and registration, select a date/location below:

  • 6:00  Registration
  • 6:30  Opening Session
  • 6:45  Session 1
  • 7:45  Break
  • 8:00  Session 2
  • 9:00  Dismiss
Invite Leaders and Members to These Conferences


  • Start a New Members Class Now (6:45):  Start a new member class using three basic steps to connect, involve, and grow your members.
  • Five Laws of Assimilation (8:00):  Implement the five best steps to transition guests to active membership.
  • Making Disciples 1-2-1 (6:45):  Make disciples through personal relationships and unleash an army of disciple makers through this multiplication process.
  • Discipleship Resources (8:00):  Improve your discipleship through new and classic resources for making disciples. Use these materials one-on-one or in your specific group format.
  • Transforming Preschoolers and Children (6:45):  Implement seven principles that will increase the effectiveness of your work with preschool and children's ministry and result in transforming the lives of children.
  • Thinking Orange (8:00):  Red represent the church and yellow represents families. Together they make "Orange." Implement simple but effective "Orange" ideas to radically change families and their involvement in church.
  • Plan a Yearly Stewardship Emphasis (6:45): Through sermons, Bible studies, and worship services, equip people to be good stewards of their time, talents, and money.
  • Effective Stewardship Teams (8:00):  Evaluate the effectiveness of your church stewardship ministry and develop a team strategy for increasing stewardship health and growth.
  • Grow by Filling the Bucket--for Directors (6:45):  Grow your Sunday School by starting new classes, developing a prospect list, and inviting unenrolled people.
  • Grow by Plugging the Leaks--for Directors (8:00):  Close the Sunday School back door by organizing classes to pray and care for each other in simple but vital ways.
  • CLASS OUT--for Adult Teachers/Workers (6:45):  Extend the class beyond Sunday by creating a prospect list, connecting/cultivating members, and involving members in ministry and missions.
  • CLASS IN--for Adult Teachers/Workers (8:00):  Create results inside your class by getting ready to teach, asking the right questions, applying lessons to life, and making disciples.
  • Reach and Baptize Even More Teens (6:45):  Implement fresh ideas to reach students in your community and celebrate baptism.
  • Develop Missional Students (8:00):  Lead students to develop a strategy for reaching those within their circles of influence.
Cost is $10 per person with a maximum of $50 per church. For more information and to register, go to or call 502-489-3572 or 866-489-3572 or email Brochures will be available soon.

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